Welcome to the South African Sector of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers
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Johannesburg Centre

The IRTE is a professional sector of the Society of Operations Engineers. The SOE was formed on 1 September 2000 by the merger of two well-known professional bodies, the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) and the Institute of Plant Engineers (IPlantE). More recently, the incorporation of the Bureau of Engineering Surveyors (BES) and more recently the institute of operations Engineers (I.O.E.) has further enhanced the SOE’s representation of, and those engaged in, the professional engineering industries.

Over the years the IRTE has developed strong links with many companies in the road transport and motor vehicle industries. These links have been forged through events such as the involvement of the IRTE at truck shows, conferences and seminars. IRTE members are engaged in senior engineering positions, training, involved in joint technical support investigations, presentation of monthly technical support lectures and discussion forums, and social events such as dinner/dances, golf days and other informal centre activities.

Whilst membership of the Institute is through the London UK head office, the Johannesburg Centre locally represents the interests of South Africa members of the IRTE. There are three South African centres - based in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, which endeavour to work within their respective regions. It is the intention of the centres to improve the effectiveness and influence of the IRTE in Southern Africa through its involvement in automotive technical and legislative support issues, liaison with Local, Provincial and National Government on road traffic, and the education and training of technologically competent personnel for the road transport industry.

Join the IRTE

IRTE members come from a wide variety of transport-related roles including apprentices and technicians in the light, heavy and extra heavy vehicle and bus and coach sectors, workshop managers, fleet engineers, transport managers and company directors.

The IRTE Mission Statement

The purpose of the IRTE is to promote safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable operations engineering in road transport engineering to the benefit of society.

Our Vision

To be the preferred professional body for those engaged in the life-cycle management of systems, facilities, vehicles and equipment, and to be the recognised authority on these matters.

Purpose & Aims

The purpose of the IRTE's activities in the South African centres is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the Institute and Southern African companies and individuals within the road transport industry, which will further the achievements of the Institute's aims set out below.

The IRTE's aims - spanning education and training, professional ethics, improvements to road safety and the invironment - benefit the road transport industry and society as a whole.  While the Institute frequently comments on proposed legislation, it does so from an engineering and technical support perspective, rather than from an administrative or commercial perspective.

Invitation to attend IRTE Meetings

The committee of the IRTE Johannesburg centre cordially invites members, their guests and other interested parties to any of their general meetings. The meetings are held at 18h00 on the third Thursday of every month, with the exception of December.

Please Note: The activities of the Johannesburg Centre are currently suspended and no meetings are scheduled until further notice.